Security Job Duties & Wages

As companies grow and more services are provided in our society, so does the need for private security guards or security officers. The security industry is increasing rapidly due to the increase in companies that want and need to protect their assets. No other industry in the country is currently increasing as fast as the security industry.


There are a wide range of jobs available for security officers. They can be hired to help prevent on site criminal acts and problems. Perhaps an employer has assets that need protecting or rules and regulations on their property that need enforcing. As a licensed security guard there are many options available. It’s up to you to decide the type of security job you desire.The amount of responsiblities a security guard will have is dependant on what will be protected. The security guard may be there to patrol and inspect the property to reduce the amount of illegal activities that occur. This can be anything from fires, theft, or vandalism. Some security officers are needed to check the people who come and go onto the property. They will be given a set location so they can watch the entrances. Other duties can include, giving directions, lowering incidences of misbehaviors, providing crowd control, or delivering a package.The company the security guard is providing services for dictates whether the security guard can be in plain clothes or a uniform. It doesn’t matter if they are watching video monitors from a distant location or working onsite; a security officer is an active part of security. Depending on the amount of security that is needed, the security officer can be armed or unarmed. There are two different classes of license for those who choose to become an armed security officer or not. The money the company has available will also impact the type of security they will desire.
The possible security jobs include the following: “in-house” security guards – work directly for the company they serve
Contract officers – work for a private security firm, protect a variety of locationspublic securities private police officers private patrol officers – watch over multiple locations from patrol car
The terminology used to descibe security personnel is most often regulated by law to prevent confusion with an officer with connection to the government. Keep in mind you make no oath that you will put your life on the line as a police officer does. Even the colors of the uniform or car are specified so a security officer isn’t confused with a police officer. Be fully aware of the required dutied for the security guard job you obtain. And make sure to completely understand the certifications that have been obtained. A criminal background check and training requirements are manditory in obtaining a security license. There is also more involved to obtain the proper training and permits for an armed security officer position. This is why most security guards are unarmed. A citizens arrest is all they are allowed.The power of a security guard is from that of the employers company. Unlike a police officer, where as they receive power from the state.


Security Officers’ wages vary greatly from $11,000 to $85,000 per year. It  depends on more than experience and which class security license a security guard holds (class D security license or class G security license). The employer, industry, and different regions of the country also have an effect on wages. Most security guards are also paid hourly.

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