Do You Have What It Takes?

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A  Security Officer in Florida?

Security licenses Florida 300x190 Do You Have What It Takes?

You may have seen some security officers and thought it was cake, but be aware of the responsibility it takes to become a security officer. This is an important job that protects not only property but people as well. It’s not a position that should be taken lightly. Though there are many Florida security officer jobs available, make sure it is what you want and you have what it takes.

Are you passionate? Perhaps a  “night owl”? Do you like keeping a look out for people ready to do the wrong thing?

Realize that depending on the employer your shifts could be fixed or rotating but security is indeed a 24 hour a day field. A plain social life may be difficult depending on if there are varied hours or locations. Working for a security firm you can end up guarding a something different day to day or week to week.

Can you spend long hours on your feet? Or report situation and patrol at a fast pace. It may not be physically demanding, but the work is routine and over time can become monotonous. And through you may be bored you must stay Alert! You will be counted on to respond and give an accurate account of a suspect or events.

Are you going to work in a public place? Then you also need to be a people person. You may have to help people on a constant basis. Think of the transportation security officers at the airport. Maybe a sick person will need your assistance.

Can you maintain order and enforce the laws under stress? Are you confident? You must be neat and well-groomed, self-motivated, honest, and reliable.

Once you decide a security license is for you and you get that security officer job, you will love it. There are bigger and better benefits than becoming a police officer. You can move up the career ladder of a security firm quickly. You can make a difference in the world. And you have the flexibility to work near your family or pick up and move as you so desire.

A security officer or security guard has a very rewarding career, but they need to possess some important and strong qualities.

Do you have what it takes?!

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